Silk Spy

What if you were sent on a secret mission as a spy concubine, but found out that you were
trapped in an endless revenge cycle? What if your king and loved ones asked you to kill for
revenge, but the one you had to kill loved you beyond reason?

Silk Spy is the first in a three-part series of historical fiction focusing on legendary beauties of
ancient China. The novel centers on Lady West (Xi Shi), a famed beauty of early 5th Century
B.C. at the height of the Spring and Autumn Warring Period. China was then partitioned into
many small, separate kingdoms, each with its own ruling hierarchy competing for power. Lady
West was the daughter of a tea merchant from a remote village in Yue Kingdom. Secluded in her
simple world like a silkworm in its cozy cocoon, her only ambition was to become a silk-weaving
princess. But her extraordinary beauty would take her on a complicated, risky journey into a
world filled with power, ambition, intrigue and murder. Although she struggled, caught between
devotion to mission and her growing admiration of the enemy king, she did not falter in her love
for homeland and her secret admirer, until she learned the cruel truth that she had been a
revenge tool and assassination target. She then decided to execute her own plan.
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